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Learn Astrology $5 Month "Sidereal Bytes"

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Learn Astrology $5 Month "Sidereal Bytes"

5.00 every month

This is a great way to learn Sidereal Astrology before you take my Master Class training, for the same price as a cup of coffee. I share a lot of information in these webinar trainings. Please note that this is not a structured training course. These webinars are information sharing sessions, where I share my knowledge of astrology and star wisdom from my many years of study and research. You can learn a lot of astrology tips from these webinars. We meet once a week at random times. You will receive email notifications each week for the webinar details. Don’t worry if you miss a class you will always have access to the replay.

  • Byte sized Astrology teachings $5 a month, cancel anytime

  • Join my live interactive webinar training once a week.

  • Each week I teach (live) a new topic/lesson in Sidereal Astrology.

  • Learn tips and techniques from me as well as other professional astrologers and my Master Class graduates.

  • Learn important historical facts about astrology.

  • Learn ancients cosmology, astrotheology, ancient star lore and creation stories from various cultures.

  • Learn multiple systems of astrology and how to apply them.

  • Interact with guest speakers and well-respected authors and researchers in the field.

  • With access to the replay, you will never miss a class.