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The word Sidereal comes from the Latin root word Sidus, which literally means belonging to the stars. ology means the study of or knowledge of. Astro means relating to the stars. Astrology translates as study of the stars. Sidereal Astrology translates as studying the stars which we belong to or which we come from.

Finding out you are a different sign is a tough one, most people don't want to let go of what they identified with for their entire life. It's my belief that this issue is one of the main causes of misunderstandings on this planet, we are really not who we thought we were. If we claim that we are from the stars then why have we been given and accepted the wrong alignment with our stars?

The first question that most people ask is what is the difference? Here is the answer. There is a movement in the cosmos which is not acklowledged in Tropical Astrology; This movement is called precession of the equinox also know as the great year or the platonic year. What is that? The Earth has 25,900 cycle through the zodiac. Every 72 years on the Spring Equinox the Sun is seen rising 1 degree backwards through the Zodiac (precession), this is where we get the term "the ages". Each age is approximately 2,160 years. Every 72 years we click back 1 degree. Currently we are in the Age of Pisces which is why we see the constellation of Pisces rising at sunrise at the time of the Spring Equinox. It is said in 2150 A.D. we will have Aquarius rising at the Spring Equinox. My astronomy software shows the date as 2646 A.D., dawn of the new age, we have all heard that one before. I encourage you to do more research on your own to gain clarity on this topic of precession. The ancients knew of precession but somehow we lost this knowledge and our link to the stars, The Dark Ages.

Another point to make is the size of the constellations. In Sidereal Astrology not only do we use the actual location of the constellations, we also use the actual size of the constellations. In Tropical Astrology each sign is allotted an even 30 degrees which is not correct. In reality as it appears in the sky the constellations are different sizes, for example Virgo is 44 degrees, Pisces is 37 degrees, Aries 24 degrees, Taurus 38 degrees etc. In True Sidereal Astrology we also the 13th zodiac sign Ophiuchus.

My background is in Astronomy below you can view the photos of several charts to give you a visual. You will see my sky chart from my astronomy software used to control my telescope matched to my Sidereal Chart and a Tropical chart. You can see the difference for yourself. I encourage you to download a sky app for your phone or a free astronomy program called stellarium. Enter your birthdate and search for the Sun you will be surprised to find it in another Zodiac sign.


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My communion with the Stars

I have been a Spirit Seeker for most of my life. I will spare you all the details of my life journey but will share with you how I came to commune with the stars.

After 3 years of healing and learning with the sacred plant she let me go and guided me to the stars, she took me outside on a cold December night and pointed my eyes to the night sky. I had no relationship to the stars and constellations at the time. I just know on that night I received a lot of information from the Orion Constellation. I did my research for the next few days and realized the information given to me was true and it was ancient, ok so now at this point I was kinda freaking out. I went out and bought a telescope so I can further look into the night sky. I spend countless cold nights on my NYC rooftop observing the brighter objects, planets and moon. I later moved into a darker sky site and started taking astrophotos and developed a love for the ancient fire side stories of the cosmos. 

It wasn't until my life started shifting again that I tried to figure out what's happening by looking at the planets and constellations they were transiting. I found myself confused when the astrology websites gave forecast that didn't match what I was observing with my telescope. I was even more shocked when I started asking my astrologer friends if they also saw this discrepancy through their telescopes. None of them owned a telescope or have ever looked through one.

There was a time when Astrology and Astronomy was one science, one healing art of self realization and akashic wisdom. What happened? This is now my journey, to restore this missing link between us and the stars.

Bringing the stars to my people and my people to the stars.


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Have your True Sidereal Natal Chart as an art piece in your home or office. Printed on 16x20 high gloss metal with hanging bracket. A perfect way to always keep yourself in alignment with the stars.

After ordering You will receive a link to browse my gallery of deep space images taken with my telescope, to place as the backdrop for your print


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What you will learn in the Master Class

  • Learn how to operate sidereal astrology software and astronomy software

  • Learn how to produce and interpret Natal Charts, Solar & Planetary Returns, Synastry Relationship Charts, Lunar Cycle Charts and Predictive Astrology which include Secondary Progressions and Transits.

  • Learn basic star gazing so you can practice like the ancients by applying visual observation. Learn how to read the night sky and identify constellations and compare the accurate match with your Sidereal chart.

  • Learn Ancient Cosmology and Astrotheology, the roots of astrology, a universal language left to us since the beginning of time.

  • Learn and study astrology and the science of astronomy and how to identify the thread that links the two as you continue your own research.

  • Learn the basics of String Theory, Electric Universe, Quantum Entanglement and how astrology is the medium for understanding universal and celestial mechanics.

  • Learn and study the power and origins of astrology and why true astrology has been hidden from us.

  • Learn how to run and market your astrology business to enable you to earn a sustainable income from your practice.

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  • The Master Class is limited to 8-12 people and is webinar based on Zoom.

  • We meet 2 times a week for the 8 part class. The full Masterclass is completed in 4 weeks.

  • Classes run Tuesday & Thursday evenings 7pm-8:30pm

  • Each class is 90 minutes and is live, this is not a pre-recorded class. I will be there 100% of the time teaching the course.

  • Each class gets recorded and will be emailed to each student after each class.

  • Cost for the 8 part Master Class $495 USD

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