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What you will learn in the Master Class

  • Learn how to operate sidereal astrology software and astronomy software

  • Learn how to produce and interpret Natal Charts, Solar & Planetary Returns, Synastry Relationship Charts, Lunar Cycle Charts and Predictive Astrology which include Secondary Progressions and Transits.

  • Learn basic star gazing so you can practice like the ancients by applying visual observation. Learn how to read the night sky and identify constellations and compare the accurate match with your Sidereal chart.

  • Learn Ancient Cosmology and Astrotheology, the roots of astrology, a universal language left to us since the beginning of time.

  • Learn and study astrology and the science of astronomy and how to identify the thread that links the two as you continue your own research.

  • Learn the basics of String Theory, Electric Universe, Quantum Entanglement and how astrology is the medium for understanding universal and celestial mechanics.

  • Learn and study the power and origins of astrology and why true astrology has been hidden from us.

  • Learn how to run and market your astrology business to enable you to earn a sustainable income from your practice.

    Master Class Details

  • The Master Class is limited to 8-12 people and is webinar based on Zoom.

  • We meet 2 times a week for the 8 part class. The full Masterclass is completed in 4 weeks.

  • Classes run Tuesday & Thursday evenings 7pm-8:30pm

  • Each class is 90 minutes and is live, this is not a pre-recorded class. I will be there 100% of the time teaching the course.

  • Each class gets recorded and will be emailed to each student after each class.

  • Cost for the 8 part Master Class $495 USD

    Sidereal Astrology Master Class Application

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