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🎤Recorded Personalized 3 month Predictive Horoscope

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silverbay ike light2 small.jpg

🎤Recorded Personalized 3 month Predictive Horoscope


Do you ever look up to the sky and wonder if what’s happening up there is affecting me down here? The answer is YES! There is a reason why astrology is known as the first science. We looked to the heavens for answers since the beginning of time.

What is predictive astrology? Your natal birth chart is the key to knowing your initial universal agreement for your time in this life cycle on Earth. Progressions are a slow internal movement of the planetary influences felt within you. Transits are the daily movements of the planets happening in real time. Both progressions and transits make contact in different aspects to your natal planetary positions. These contacts have influence on your human body thus influencing your behavior, thoughts, perception and actions.

  • Don’t have time or budget to schedule a full hour reading?

  • Want a recording so you can listen while on the go or whenever you want?

  • How about just sitting in deep silence as you listen to your true alignment with the stars unfold?

  • Known when and how to take action based on celestial alignments.

  • Predictive astrology is your celestial map helping you navigate through the sea of stars.

  • Know when luck or trouble are coming your way.


  • 100% Personalized voice recording of 3 months months of predictive astrology.

  • Done in True Sidereal Astrology, which means it’s aligned accurately with the constellations in the sky. Tropical astrology doesn’t align with the constellations in the sky.

  • This is not a general recording based on your sun sign. This is 100% personal based on your original natal chart and planetary aspects.

  • Image of your personal natal chart.

  • Excel Spreadsheet with your personal transit dates for the next 3 months.

  • Emailed within 2 days

  • 10 minute follow up call

    Photo by: “Me” Isaac Rodriguez: Taken at Silver Bay, Lake George, NY

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