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🎤 Recorded Personalized Horoscope "The Week Ahead"

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🎤 Recorded Personalized Horoscope "The Week Ahead"

  • Do you ever just want to know what’s happening in the week ahead?

  • Don’t have time or budget to schedule a full hour reading?

  • Find that the daily horoscopes found online or in print don’t make any sense for you?

    Here is a solution: I’ve developed a quick system to deliver a Recorded Personalized Horoscope of your week ahead, written in the stars, delivered to your inbox.


  • 100% personalized voice recording of your predictive transits made just for you.

  • This is not a general recording based on sun signs. This is 100% personal based on your entire natal chart.

  • Done in True Sidereal Astrology, which means it’s accurately aligned with the constellations in the sky. Tropical astrology doesn’t align with the constellations.

  • Image of your personal natal chart.

  • Excel Spreadsheet with your personal transit dates for the week.

  • Emailed within 2 days

  • 10 minute follow up call

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