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🎤Recorded Sidereal Astrology Birth Chart

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Feb 19 thumbnail.jpg

🎤Recorded Sidereal Astrology Birth Chart


You have finally arrived to the truth of astrology. You are probably on this page right now because you realized that the mainstream tropical astrology that everyone follows doesn’t align with the constellations in the sky. So is that even considered astrology? the study of stars but not aligned to the stars? huh? what? makes no sense. Yes I know, that’s why we are here now.

  • Don’t have time or budget to schedule a full hour reading?

  • Want to have a recording so you can listen while on the go or whenever you want?

  • How about just sitting in deep silence as you listen to your true alignment with the stars unfold?


  • 100% personalized voice recording of your natal chart.

  • Done in True Sidereal Astrology, which means it’s aligned accurately with the constellations in the sky, Tropical astrology doesn’t align with the constellations.

  • This is not just a generic template recording, this is a 100% personalized recording based on your entire natal chart including the planetary aspects.

  • Image of your natal chart.

  • Emailed within 2 days

  • 10 minute follow up call

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